These past 40 years have been spent in the transforming fire of Osho′s vision and the garden of his love.

I celebrate with paint and words, carpentry and landscape, the joy and understanding that come with meditation.

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A book The Only Life now published by Simon & Schuster and available through amazon and all good bookshops.

Just finished the book - love it, beautifully written, flows very well... the part where she is being grilled by the INS or whoever reads like a thriller, I could hardly put it down! It really does give a real life understanding of the nitty gritty of being with Osho, in a way which anyone on any spiritual path will be able to relate to.

You have found the perfect medium through which you can say what you need to express about Osho's work, meditation, the state of the environment and the process of being the disciple of an enlightened master...fabulous.

Many congratulations, I look forward to it coming out here, it is a beautiful description of how a Master works with a disciple, and the ups and downs of being a devotee!

Pankaja Brooke (Film-maker, author)

PS I just love it when someone can actually write about the spiritual life in a natural way.

From the very first sentence I was hooked. Writing with such elegance, passion and immediacy, Rashid has produced a beautiful, heartfelt memoir of a truly incredible woman, who exuded the sacred feminine throughout her humble life as well as being the very embodiment of the noble Self. The Only Life is a remarkable journey that will similarly transform all those who imbibe its profound and captivating prose.

Paula Marvelly (Author & Editor, The Culturium)

Congratulations, Rashid. This book helps give form to Osho’s inspiration.

A.R. Rahman (Composer, musician, singer, educationist, movie-maker)

Osho led Laxmi to the edge of understanding the Ultimate Truth. She completed the journey herself. She appears to be a real and honest seeker of Truth.

Sonu Nigam (Singer)

Rashid has written a remarkable book. The story of Ma Yoga Laxmi is a story of self-discovery. It is a journey of the heart which goes through the dark night of the soul. The spiritual masters and mystics make such a journey to be free from fear and to discover their deep source of inner peace as well as peace in the world. By reading Ma Yoga Laxmi’s story the readers will be able to resonate with their own struggles and blessings and realise that these are two sides of the same coin. I would like to congratulate Rashid for making this wonderful biography available to us. The story of Ma Yoga Laxmi is both heart wrenching and heart-warming at the same time. The book is a good companion on our own journey of enlightenment.

Satish Kumar (Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine)

Here & Now

Selfie: Subject & Object

14 paintings from this lockdown series plus a short introduction from Rashid now on the Osho News website.

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Chinmaya Dunster's review of Rashid's limited edition hardback featuring drawings of Osho in discourse from 1987 with verses composed in 2020 is on the Osho News website.

In Search of the Bees (and being)

Rashid's new video collaboration is a reboot of the Ten Bulls of Zen featuring Rashid's voice, words and images with Chinmaya Dunster's music and video. Watch it here on YouTube.

Contagion of Silence

In a special guest post for The Culturium website, Rashid recounts how transcending thinking allows deeper and more meaningful creativity to shine forth, thus producing art that is authentic, timeless and imbued with wisdom. Read it here.

The Only Life

Rashid's new book is now published. Read some reviews on the left, or read the synopsis here.


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Three books combining poetry and drawings, and the novel The Point of Vanishing, are available on Amazon.