The Only Life

A biography of Laxmi, Osho's first secretary

The Point of Vanishing

A novel.

Life is One Blessed Thing After Another

Poems and drawings.

Not Knowing Guides our Feet

Poems and drawings.

Everything is Something Else

Poems and drawings.

All the above books are available through amazon. Most are listed here on Rashid's Author Page.

A Master for Life

Poems and drawings. Reviewed on Osho News. Limited edition.


Contagion of Silence and To Save the Planet with a Paintbrush

Words and paintings, on The Culturium website.

Lessons from the Bees

An essay published in Resurgence.

Ecocide is Suicide

Rashid's contribution to the book Ecolibrium Now - The Earth in Balance.

War and Peace

As visual artist in residence, Rashid contributed this series to The Culturium website. The paintings are accompanied by an introduction from The Culturium and comments by Rashid.

Love is the Way

Paintings and commentary originally published by an Australian arts website.

Ever Changing

Rashid is a regular contributor to Hivezine, an online annual arts magazine.


In Search of the Bees (and being)

Words and images by Rashid, music and film by Chinmaya Dunster.